Thomas & English, Inc. was founded by Floyd Thomas, Sr. - our current CEO's grandfather - and Bill English in 1959 as a Manufacturer's Rep firm.

    The two men operated a 9,000 square foot warehouse and provided specialty raw materials to paint manufacturers in St. Louis, MO for 26 years.

  In 1985 a change in ownership began an era of significant growth.  Eagle Specialty Products, Inc. began manufacturing pigment dispersions and specialty additives for paint companies nationwide.

   Over time, the company became experts in dispersions for technical coatings for customers such as the US Navy. 

   Today, Eagle and its GIANI, Inc. subsidiary, has two hundred specialty pigment dispersions and has won awards for its unique kitchen coatings

   that are changing the way America remodels its kitchens! . . . 

 Officer Bios

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        Floyd Thomas, CEO                    Jack Wisor, Vice-President